Year 8 Kayaking

As the sun rose, Room 12 and 13 set off to Marahau to start their big adventure. As Room 12 set off for the hike ahead, Room 13 made their way down to the beach, and geared up for their kayaking adventure. Room 12 were well on their way by the time Room 13 launched the boats. After the safety briefing, Room 13 set off on the sparkly blue water.

It was a magnificent day for kayaking. The sun was shining bright, the water was aqua blue, what more could you ask for? After a good hour and a half of paddling along the gorgeous coastline, Room 13 reached their destination. But where was Room 12? As Room 12 made their way to Stillwell Bay, Room 13 had some time to spare, so we paddled out to Adele Island. As we explored the coastline of the island, guess what we saw … SEALS! There were tons of furry little seals sunbathing on the smooth rocks.

As we all came back to Stillwell Bay, we sat down and had a big lunch together. After spending some time refilling our systems, a big bunch of us headed out on the front of the boat, ready to dive in. As soon as we were out, we all started taking turns leaping into the refreshing blue. As we dried off, Room 12 hopped into the kayaks, and Room 13 set off on their grand hike. As we tramped past amazing views and gorgeous bush, we eventually came to stop. What a day!

As we drove home, feet sore, we were all tired from the huge day. This was a great day, and definitely worth the effort put in. An overall amazing day which should definitely be carried on for years to come.
By Max

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