The day started dark and grey, doubts were high and people were unsure whether the day would go ahead. But the annual Triathlon still happened, in fact the cloud overhead helped keep away the heat. The students were ‘being all they could’ throughout the day, from the Year 8’s running with the younger kids, to encourage them, to everyone doing the best they could in all the races.

The Triathlon started with a run which led to the biking section (the younger kids had scooter races instead of the biking) and to the swim with a final sprint to the finish. 

Once the races were over the tension was higher because the certificates were about to be handed out. There was a 1st, 2nd and 3rd from each race and also the House Shield. It was time and everyone was trying to guess which House would win this year’s triathlon. “And the house in first place was… PURPLE!! Nah. Actually it was Black House but Purple came second with Yellow in 3rd, Blue 4th and Green 5th. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!


Photos and captions by Cassie

The PHOTO Dun Dun Dun

Max, a Year 3 boy about to swim two lengths of the school pool.


Lily  racing on her bike along the field.