It was a lovely, sunny day on Friday 13th February and the air was filled with excited chatter. Some students felt confident and others felt anxious as the first race was called. As everyone lined up along the start line, spectators scanned the line for brothers and sisters, friends and people in their House groups.


First, the run. They were off! The next time they came around the track they were gasping for breath, their throats burning and their eyes watering with the effort. They ran hard for the bike transition area.


It took a while to find the bikes in the many lines. Many children dropped behind at this point while others sped off around the field, cautiously passing the others as fast as they could to get to the lead. On the final bike lap, everyone leapt off their bikes and dumped them by rooms 12 and 13 before dropping their helmets on the grass and ripping off their shoes to sprint across the short stretch of concrete to the pool.


Then they were swimming their lengths as fast as they could before leaping out of the pool. The pool was surprisingly warm, but still cold enough to wake up the athletes for the fast sprint to the finish line!


After the swim the triathletes sprinted across the court to the finish line to the sound of parents and children cheering. It got quite slippery on the grass near the end and a few people slipped over. The race was done!


After carefully crossing the track to avoid the bikes from the next race, everyone found their lines and sat wrapped in a towel to keep warm. When not cheering for the other races, many people amused each other and themselves with a variety of things, including talking, playing games such as ‘paper, scissors, rock’ and made mud sculptures and puddles using their drink bottles.


In several races, some people tripped while running or crashed off their bikes but everyone got back up and carried on – well done for keeping going!


The last race of the day was a team race. Superman made an appearance and raced with Mr Taylor and Mr Clearwater – and they won!


Well done to everyone who participated in the ‘try-athlon’ and a big thank you to the teachers for organising it and the parents for supporting the athletes.


By Macy Morgan

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