Teaching Staff – Intermediate School

SIMON CLEARWATER -Koromiko (Rm 13) — Year 7/8 — simonc@mapua.school.nz

untitled (31 of 126)I started working at Mapua School full time in 2010, after starting here as a reliever.

I was born in Christchurch and studied Zoology at Canterbury University before moving to Dunedin to train in Wildlife Management. After working for the Department of Conservation for several years I retrained in Natural History Filmmaking, and then decided all those skills would suit me perfectly to become a teacher…Our family moved to Mapua in 2008.

I’m mad keen on sports and enjoy playing golf, cricket, football, tennis and riding my bike when I get a chance. Getting to our fantastic beaches and National Parks is also a highlight.

My personal dislikes are people who are inconsiderate and self-centered, gloomy weather (good reason to move from Dunedin), and mushrooms.

Our two older children attend Mapua School and it is nice to be able to say hello to them while I’m at work, and spend time with them in the holidays. We also have a smaller, more intense version at home, who makes us all laugh on a regular basis when she is not chucking her food on the floor, or wiping marmite into her hair, or eating sand, or ripping books, or pulling the cats tail, or….

Mapua School is a great one to work at because of the children. They simply are the nicest bunch of kids I’ve ever come across.

SHARON PRESTIDGE –  Titoki (Rm 12) Deputy Principal — Year 7/8 sprestidge@mapua.school.nz

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I started teaching at Mapua School just over three years ago.

I grew up in Motueka and trained to be a teacher in Christchurch and have taught in Taihape, Tapawera, Foxhill, Lower Moutere and Brooklyn Schools.

In my spare time I like to catch up with my family. I love to cook for my family and for other people and love experimenting with new recipes. I love Zumba (but am still really useless at it!) and try to spend some time most days getting fit. I love reading books and chatting with people.

I don’t like people being mean! It really upsets me when people deliberately make other people feel bad. I also have a strong dislike of pointless paperwork!

My family is made up of, John, my husband and our four children – Alex, Gabby, Reuben and Luca.

I love teaching at Mapua because everyone is ready to have new adventures and wants to learn as much as they can. It’s really great to teach at a school where everybody is encouraged to be all they can be and where both students and staff genuinely want the best for everyone and look after each other.

PIP DAY – Fixed Term Reliever – Titoki – Year 7/8

briarIn 2010 I started as a part time teacher releasing Mr C while he was still completing his full registration. My work at Mapua has grown from then – it is a great school to teach in.

I was born in Clyde and grew up in Alexandra. I attended Primary and Secondary School in Alex although I did a year in Canada in my final year of high school. I then went to Otago University and Dunedin College of Education. My first teaching job was in Timaru – then two years on my big OE – back to Timmas and then up to sunny Mapua. I have been here with my family since 2007.

Most of my spare time is spent involved with my children’s activities but that is what being a parent is all about. I also like volunteering within the community, as I believe it is important to give back. I enjoy reading, playing and watching various sports, socializing and shopping.

What are your personal dislikes? – Not a big fan of watching people clean their teeth – weird I know but it is just one of those things… don’t even like seeing it on movies especially when people suck on their toothbrush –eewwww yuck!!

Isaac, my husband, works at a school in Nelson and I have 4 children – Flynn, Liam, Abi and Oscar. Oscar was the easiest to feed, would happily sleep and was a breeze to toilet train. He is also black and has 4 legs – you may see me dragging him around the roads these days. He is our dog and he is getting pretty old now. The other 3 don’t shed as much hair so that is a bonus!

What do you like about teaching at Mapua? – The kids – they are awesome!

What do you like about living in this part of NZ? – Everything!! – I am often heard saying ‘but if we didn’t live here, where would we live??”

PIERS THROSSELL –  Karaka (Rm 11)  — Year 7/8 pthrossell@mapua.school.nz

I am new to both Mapua school and Nelson.

I have come over the hill from 3 years in Havelock before which I spent a year in France travelling and soaking up the culture and language. I was born in England but have lived in NZ (near Kaikoura) since I was 7. I originally trained in fine arts at Canterbury but switched to education following it with a post graduate diploma in teaching.

Most of the time I can be found outdoors doing whatever activity suits the weather. I prefer to bike or swim but also play football, tennis, and any other sport or activity that comes up. When I finally exhaust myself I find quiet time to read and pursue all the arts including music, sculpture, drama, painting, and pottery.

In the short time I have spent at Mapua School I have been impressed by the compassion of the students and their enthusiasm.