Swimming Sports

It was Friday and the day started with a bang as the start gun fired to signal the beginning of the medley race, and six talented swimmers leapt backwards into their first stroke, backstroke.

In the tiny amount of shade provided by the walls surrounding the Riwaka School pool, more than 100 Year 5-8 students sat chatting away in the scorching morning sun. Over the course of the day, many races were scheduled to take place, including the house relays, the butterfly demonstration, and the medley races, a combination of 3 different strokes rolled into one intense race.

The air was filled with laughter and friendly chatter as the first racers stepped up onto the side of the pool. Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!!

By Macy


The atmosphere was explosive because of the excitement as the intermediate and senior  students walked into the pool. We all walked over to our age group area and sat down ready for the boiling hot day ahead.

The first 6 swimmers got into the pool. Looking at their faces you could tell they were determined to win. Ready, set, GO!!! The bang of the gun made some people jump backwards with frightened faces.  

At around 10:45 am it started to get really hot and people who didn’t want to swim were fighting to get in the pool. After all the the events including butterfly, backstroke, freestyle and a few more. It was time to announce the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th House standings.  Black came 5th,  Green came 4th, Blue and Purple came tied for 2nd and Yellow came 1st.

Everyone got dressed and walked with their adults to the cars. Many people (including myself) were already talking about next years swimming sports.

By Aidan