Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports

The Year 5-8 children had a lot of fun at the annual Mapua School Swimming Sports at the beginning of Term 1. The students participated in 2 or more swimming events. Their choices were either freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, swimming with a flutterboard or the open medley (backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the day.

The Swimming Sports were held at the Riwaka School Swimming Pool because their pool is much bigger than ours and it has good changing rooms and seating for the parents and students. The pool also had a waterslide and the students played on it at the end of the races. For some students this was the highlight of the trip.

First, the students had heats in each of the strokes – sometimes a lot of people had entered so there was more than one heat. This happened several times in the freestyle event – the most popular choice by far. Then the times of the students were recorded and the 6 fastest timed students went through to the finals of their chosen event. Sometimes students got into the finals for all of their chosen events. The top three place getters in the finals received a certificate and also (in some cases) a position on the school swimming team at the Interschool Swimming Sports, which was held a few weeks after the Mapua School Swimming Sports.

“My favourite part of the swimming sports was seeing everyone being so positive and cheering their friends and house members on when they were swimming. I also liked playing on the waterslide with my friends at the end,” said Maddie Bridge, a Room 13 student who is new to the school this year.

The teacher race was also a hit (it always is). One teacher from each of our schools four houses (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) got into a small, black inner tube and four students from each house pushed the teachers along to the end of the pool. The winning house was Red but (as usual) everyone cheated in some way or another – but it’s all part of the fun! The Red House Team included four Year 8 students (Brydie Reeve, Tyler Wilson, Jed Oakly and Gus Smith) and the teacher was Sharon Prestige (the teacher in Room 12 – a Year 8 class). Well done everybody!  A great end to the day.
Written by Georgina Palmer