Surf to School


One downcast morning (Monday 18 February) Mapua School was very privileged to have two marvelous lifeguards Carla and Nicole from Christchurch to tell us about safety around the water.

Before  they started anything though, they needed a hand to get all of the gear in beside the pool, so a group of us, carried some boogie boards in on their heads – I bet we looked like weirdos!

Then at 8:50 the lesson finally began. Firstly they introduced themselves, then we learnt about the incredible invention sunscreen, and that the higher the  SPF the better the sunscreen will be for example, SPF 10     will only be 10 layers extra protection which is not the best, but SPF 50+ is 50 layers of extra protection which is much better protection.

Afterwards we learnt all about rips.  Did you know that rips are made up of all the water that comes in from the waves, like the saying ‘what comes up must come down’’,  all the water has to go out somewhere so that’s how rips are made. It’s all the leftover water that needs to go out. Don’t worry though the rip only goes to the end of the last breaking wave.

Then we learnt that Olivia looks very dashing in a lifeguard’s clothing. Then it was swimming time!

We all slipped into the frosty cold pool and got started swimming to and fro through waves Carla and Nicole were making.  After that we were starting to get cold so we did some tube rescues to warm us up then we had a free play with all the equipment they had brought with them .

Then we got out and got dressed, we said a humongous thank you and off they went to the next class – lucky RM 9. I hope they had just as much fun as we did!

By Izzy.

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