School Beliefs

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Our Beliefs


To be responsible community members. 

This is developed through our virtues where we support Mapua children to …

1.      make positive choices

2.      be respectful

3.      have an effective relationship between home and school

4.      recognise and celebrate success

5.      be an active and supportive team member

6.      be active guardians of our environment


To have high academic success.

Mapua children will …

1.      achieve personal excellence in Literacy and Numeracy

2.      set and achieve realistic goals

3.      have access to a variety of tools to be a self learner

4.      have high expectations

5.      have a high level of self belief to achieve personal success

6.      have opportunities to extend themselves.


To be competent in communication.

Mapua children will …

1.      be active listeners who question carefully

2.      be confident and clear speakers

3.      have high levels of Literacy skills (understanding texts, writing features and I.C.T. (Information Communication Technology))

4.      use language appropriate to the setting and the purpose

5.      be exposed to other languages

To be active.

Mapua children will …

1.      be physically fit

2.      have a ‘can do’ attitude

3.      be accepting of others’ strengths and weaknesses

4.      have EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) opportunities

5.      participate competitively


To be creative.

Mapua children will …

1.      be exposed to a broad range of elements of the Arts.

2.      be risk takers and problem solvers

3.      accept constructive criticism

4.      be supportive of peers, teachers and support staff

To be effective thinkers.

Mapua children will …

1.      understand and use thinking tools

2.      take risks

3.      question and enquire

4.      have an opinion