Red Cross


Ouch! Help me!
Now that is what you don’t want to hear on camp!

On the Thursday before camp, to be prepared for any possible injuries, the Senior Learning Team did a first aid course. Mrs Hosie did one too – a more advanced one for teachers! She was completing the hard training session in the library and left us with a reliever.  Early in the morning a first aid officer called Jenny Trow came in to see what we knew and to teach us what we didn’t know.

First of all, she handed us a booklet with questions and information in it. We learnt all about spotting dangers and how to react if there was an incident. Then we learnt what to say on the phone to a first aid officer. Also we learnt the recovery position. We thought the demonstration for the recovery position was very interesting because we had always thought that the injured person should lie on their back!

We then played a game to learn about helping a choking person. We were in groups of about five named after colours and Jenny threw a LOT of cards.  We had to search through the huge pile of cards to find the cards with our group names on them. All the cards had small pictures on them. We puzzled over the illustrations, attempting to put them in order to form instructions on what to do if someone starts choking unexpectedly. The winning team was very proud as they received a round of applause from the other teams.

Then we went back inside the classroom and out of the hot sun. Next we got into groups of two or three to revise what we had learnt. We had a go at putting our buddies into the recovery position. Our favourite activity was putting a buddy’s arm into a sling to practise dealing with broken bones.

By then we were quite tired, but still eager to find out what we were doing next. Sadly, it was nearly time to go home!

Finally, Jenny gave us a special certificate to show that we had completed our first aid course. We were thrilled with our certificates and couldn’t wait to take them home to show our family and teach them all the things Jenny had taught us.

Thank you very much to Jenny Trow and Mrs Hosie for organising this amazing day.


By Macy and Eden.