Middle’s Big Day Out

Middle School Big Day Out at Quinney’s Bush


By Edie Morgan, Room 6


On Friday 27th February everyone woke up with a smile on their faces! Today was the Middle School’s Big Day Out at Quinney’s Bush. Luckily the weather was perfect, sunny and 27 degrees!


After we met at school and did the roll, we hopped into the parent helpers’ cars and drove to Quinney’s Bush.


Some people had been to Quinney’s Bush before, but for some it was their very first time.


When we arrived and had unpacked we got into our groups. Then it was time to start!


My group started with Orienteering. We had to use a map to find places around the campground and write down the letters at each place to make a word. It was a really good way to get to know the layout of Quinney’s Bush.


Next up was the BMX track. When we got there everyone chose a bike to ride and a helmet to wear and we were off! Some bumps were really big so you could take an easier way around them. Some people liked to do the jumps though!


We quickly changed into our togs for the next activity – the waterslide! We scrambled up the ladders to the top and waited patiently for our turn to go down the waterslide. The water felt freezing at first but we quickly got used to the temperature. Some people spun around when they were sliding and it was fast and fun! We had to be careful of the flying fox on the way across to the ladders to get another turn.


After drying ourselves off a bit, it was time for our group to have a go on the Flying Fox! Some people stood, others sat and some even sat or stood backwards! We had to make sure we held on tightly at the end when the fox bumped into the tyres. Pulling the flying fox back up for the next person was hard work.


By then we were all starving. Luckily it was time for lunch. We had a picnic on the grass in the shade then had free time to play on the playground.


There was only time for one more activity before we left. My group did the Confidence Course. The best part of the course was the mini flying fox. We could get two people on at once.


Everyone was hot and exhausted and piled into the parent helpers’ cars for the journey back to school. I bet everyone slept really well that night!


Thank you to the teachers and parent helpers for a fantastic Big Day Out!