Information A-Z

ABC of important things you need to know

For safety reasons Parents/Caregivers must notify the school office by 8.45am if students are going to be away and the reason for the absence.  The school records these and does everything practicable to contact non-notified absences.  You can contact the school by phone 540 2806 (there is a dedicated absence line), call in, send a note, text: 027 383 5039 or email the office:

Whole School assemblies are held fortnightly and notified in the newsletter (usually alternate Fridays at 2pm).  Parents/Caregivers are welcome to attend.


Any payments can be made to 03 1354 0326037 00   (NBS, Motueka). Please leave your name and reason in the details.

The Board is comprised of five elected Parent Representatives, a Staff Representative and the Principal. They are responsible for all areas of governance. Meetings are open to the public. Minutes and other meeting information can be found at the school office or the BOT blog ( Members can be contacted through the school.

Our school bus services Tasman, Ruby Bay and Mahana and arrives at school at these times:
Ruby Bay, Tasman            8.10 am
Mahana                    8.45 am  approx

Departure times:
Ruby Bay, Tasman, Mahana        2.45 pm

Communication between home and school is a vital part of your child’s education.  If you have concerns or questions, please see the classroom teacher.  If these remain unresolved, you should talk to the team leader and, finally, the Principal.

Cyclists should use the cycleway  and wear shoes and a safety helmet. Students under 10 years of age are not permitted to cycle unless accompanied by an adult.  Helmets are compulsory.

Dental therapists visit the school periodically in the mobile clinic. Should dental problems occur when they are not at Mapua, please phone Parklands School as the calls will be diverted to them.  03) 528 1160 Ext 7.

New Entrants
Children enrolling at school for the first time must present  proof of age such as Birth Certificate or Passport.  We encourage all parents of new entrant children to arrange pre-entry visits. This helps the child to become familiar with the teacher, other children, the surroundings and the routines before beginning school. When enrolling five year olds, an immunisation certificate obtained from your doctor must be presented.  This is a directive from the Ministry of Health.

Other Enrolments
We welcome enrolments at all levels and this can be done through the office.  The Principal will conduct enrolments and is always willing to show prospective families our school.

A parent donation of $40.00 per child / $60.00 per family is requested at the beginning of each year.  Worksheet fees are $30.00 per child.

Parents will be notified of their child/ren’s home learning expectations at the beginning of each year.  The school has a clear procedure for this.

Good liaison between home and school is essential. It is important teachers know of any physical or emotional upsets which could affect your child during the day. Teachers would appreciate a visit, phone call, email or written message to keep them informed.

We have a well equipped computerised Library, with weekly class times allocated.  The Library is also open most lunchtimes.

It is important that all articles of clothing and belongings are clearly named. When unmarked clothing is found, it goes into the lost property bin and is available to both parents and children.  At the end of each term, unclaimed items will be donated to a charity shop.

Years 7 and 8  students attend MOTEC at Parklands School, Motueka weekly. They travel by bus. MOTEC teachers advise the children of their requirements during the year and inform parents on children’s progress at the middle and end of the school year.  Students must wear covered shoes and take a water bottle.

Any money brought to school should be in an envelope with the child’s name on it and labelled (eg Book Club, class trip etc). Parents will be notified of any requests for money in writing.

These are sent out weekly on Thursdays to keep people informed of current events. The majority are emailed to parents but if a hard copy is preferred this is given to the youngest child in each family.  They are also posted on the website weekly.

The school would like to encourage parents to participate in the life of the school. You may be interested in helping in classrooms, processing library books, supervision and/or transport on class trips,  attending sports and open days, assemblies, and social occasions,  coaching or helping with sports activities or attending camps.

An active PTA fulfils a number of important roles such as social events, welcoming families, class liaison and raising funds.  They are always looking for new members. Contact the school office for details of PTA members.

The school operates an open door policy which means teachers are happy to make arrangements with you to discuss pupil progress and concerns  as the need occurs.  Reporting to parents occurs twice a year.

Morning session:          8.50 am    –     10.30 am
10.50 am    –     12.30 pm

Afternoon session:    1.25 pm     –      2.45 pm

Children are issued with a list of required stationery by their class teacher at the end of each year.

Our school operates a Sun Smart policy.  Children must wear a full brimmed hat during Terms 1 and 4.  Sunscreen is also available for children’s use.

During the summer swimming is a compulsory part of the school programme. Please ensure children bring their togs each day.  If they are unable to swim for any reason they should bring a note.

Keys are available for families from the office for pool use during the season for $40.  A charge of $15.00 will be made to replace lost keys.