Y3 and Y4’s Big Day Out


Big day out is just like any old day. NOT!!! Big day out is when the Middle Team got together and had a big fun day out. Every year it’s somewhere different. This year we went to Rabbit Island. It was probably the best day of my life!

When we got there, Richard De Hamel was dressed up as a pirate. After about five minutes, Richard De Hamel took us to do a treasure hunt. To do the treasure hunt, you had to follow the clues and go in the direction the clue was telling you. We did not know what the treasure was going to be. People thought the treasure was going to be chocolate.

When we were half way through, we found some cookies and ginger beer. The compass led us to the food and it was for our morning tea.

Then we had a MASSIVE bike ride to the Manuka picnic area for lunch. We had a big lunch and then we biked all the way back.

I asked some people what was their favourite part of the day. Most people said biking. That was my favourite part too. Oh, and we got CHOCOLATE!!! The treasure was chocolate. I’m sure we all loved the chocolate!

Finally, it was time to go home. It was tiring, but fun. I wish I wasn’t a year 4 student so then I could do it again. But anyway, I’m sure the Year 3’s liked it and they are DYING to do it again. I’m sure it was fun for all of the middle team – a LOT of fun.

By Asha


Oh my gosh, my legs were killing me! Four and a half kilometres of biking. My legs were so sore. I was nearly there but the pain, the agony, was not getting better it was getting WORSE!!!!

NOT the trip of a life-time! I thought I was never going to make it. I could hear the bushes sweeping past me because we were also right by the sea. I could hear the waves splashing.

We were there FINALLY!!!! Oh what a long trip.  We all went onto the beach to play.  It was so fun. I also had a rest.

Lunch time was here yay! (Yum, yum.) I had to do it all again to bike back to the ferry and then on to school. OH NO, come on, not the biking!

By Abi


We started at a steep and narrow path, I had to wait to go down. I went down quite fast. It was fun but I could feel a stress and sweat running down my body. Finally we reached the Manuka Picnic area. I needed that break.

By Olive