The Sport of Reading

Year 7/8 Literacy Quiz

By Macy and Danielle

“Welcome to the 2016 Year 7/8 Kids Lit Quiz” announced Wayne Mills. The Nelson literacy quiz was about to begin! The Kids’ Literacy Quiz, also known as the Lit Quiz, is an annual literature competition for children aged 10 to 13. It puts readers onto the stage and lets them compete for fantastic prizes.

There were ten rounds each with their own category, each team got to pick one that they thought they would score well in and get double points on. Both Mapua teams chose mythology.

At the end of each category the team who got the most points out of 10 would get a prize of a $5 gift voucher. There were also additional prizes for a single child or parent if they could answer a special question. Macy, managed to answer one, and got a prize, kindly donated by Whitcoulls, plus a generous gift of $5 from Wayne.

This year Mapua school entered two teams simply called Team 1 and Team 2. They were trained up with the help of a fantastic teacher, Mrs Hosie. Team 1, Noah, Rose, Olivia and Oliver were dressed up as the the characters in Alice in Wonderland and Team 2, Macy, Izzy, Danielle and Jesse were dressed as the the children of Narnia. Both teams scored themselves a prize of $5 for getting the most points in one of the categories. Although none of Mapua’s Teams placed, Team 1 got 5th!

Once again the Nelson heat was held at Nelson Intermediate who were also having their sports day on the courts while the Lit Quiz teams were getting quizzed in the school hall. The New Zealand finals would be held in Wellington this year while the international finals would be conveniently held in Auckland this year where teams from all over the world would come to compete  The team that won the Nelson/Marlborough competition this year was Waimea Intermediate so good luck to them when they go up against all the teams from around New Zealand!
A big thank you to Mrs Hosie who gave up so many of her lunchtimes and time after and during school to ensure that we had a great time. Also thanks to all those parents who gave up their time to drive us to Nelson Intermediate and back. To express our gratitude we will say another big thank you to everyone who helped make the 2016 Nelson/Marlborough Kids Lit Quiz Possible. Thank You!