Easter Fun and Games

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt has been going on so long it’s starting to get tedious writing about it, but this year it was the best yet. I’ll tell you why:

Each House room was filled with children, old and young, big and small, all fighting for a place and jostling each other. They all tried to see Macgregor as he spoke over the din of everyone. “ Okay, so this is how the hunt is going to work. Buddies can go in groups of four to find the green eggs hidden all around the school. They look like this – he held up a card with a green egg on – and if you find one, bring it back to me, by the orange goal. The other houses will be doing the same thing so if you find a different colour egg, just leave it where it is. There will be a treat for everyone at the end. Go!”

Then the struggle really happened as kids fought their way out through the masses of other children for the doors, then tearing their way across the hot concrete to the grass where the eggs were hidden.

It was madness on the field as kids searched the bushes, clay mound, back field,  and trees. It didn’t take long for all the eggs to be found. Afterwards they went back to class and on the way they spotted an Easter Bunny around the school (aka Mr Chalmers.) At their class, a easter egg was waiting for them and the winners of a drawing competition from last week’s buddy time were announced. (This was for the symbol of Green House, using a kotare, or kingfisher.)

All in all, it was a really fun time and a great way for the buddies to bond with each other.

By Noah